A Sci-fi TTRPG about space, horror, and senior ladies piecing together a mystery.
A solo journaling TTRPG about grief and hope
A minimalistic solo ttrpg about senses and landscapes
A Sci-Fi TTRPG about senior ladies finding solutions where everyone else has failed.
An evocative coin-based solo journaling TTRPG about thoughts you have once you are dead
A Solo TTRPG about rebuilding yourself
A Lyric Game to get to sleep

My Solo Journaling Games

This is a collection of games designed by me that should be played on your own.

My duet games

My hacks

The games I've designed using other peoples' SRDs

My playbooks for other games/system agnostic content

Here are the playbooks and content I've made for other games

My zines

#RPGLATAM collection

EN: This is a collection of items created by the RPGLatAm community - the TTRPG creators of Latin America. If you want to know more about the stuff we do, just follow through each game link to its creator and grab our games to your heart's...