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A solo journaling ttrpg about keeping employers, dinosaurs and people happy

So, you want to be part of DINO PARK

You’ve been chosen to work with us for a season! You must be thrilled! We’re the first park that through science brought Dinosaurs back to life. And you have a chance to work with us. 

We’re counting on your qualities as a human being and as a professional to make this park your home for these eight weeks. We will train you to be an outstanding member of our team. These weeks with us are going to be a life-changing experience. 

Here’s the basic gear we give you for this job: a coin, 2d4, 2d6, 1d20, and a journaling method of your choice. 


In this game you get to volunteer to work for Dino Park for a season, doing daily chores in this amazing place where dinosaurs are alive! 

Receive calls, resolve, and help out to keep everything working.
But beware of the catastrophe track, you might need to run away! 


This game is inspired by Jurassic Park, also by Clever Girl (by Matthew Gravelyn) and it's made for the Internation Park Jam, organized by Disaster Tourism. 


Finances & Sale

I believe that's important that we start talking about the money we need to get to cover the expenses of making a game. This game cost around 155 USD to produce. 

I bought a Map Creator Kit for 25 USD, and I spent 10 USD on the research of other games (bought Clever Girl, Evergreen Wilds I had it already). 

This game took me around 10 hours to complete: 5 hours of layout and 5 hours of writing. The writing was 780 words (that's 78 USD) and the layout I put approximately 8 USD per hour (since it's a small game, but the map took most of it).

My games are going to have this detail from now on and will be put in a small sale so people can appreciate it when I recover the time and money for this game. It might not happen ever and I'd be fine with that, but I feel that we should appreciate the effort every creator puts in their games, and for many people, that needs to be tangible somehow. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Very cool ideas here! It's impressive that you fit such a comprehensive game into two pages!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's hard working with the space.


Fun little game! Well made.

Thanks a lot!