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Brumal/Vernal is an epistolar duet game about witchcraft, bonding, and quilts. 

In this game, both players create characters who are witches. One of them is a winter fan, and the other is a spring fan. You both live in places that are enjoyed better during those seasons, and you keep a lifestyle tied to that season too. And you’re making a quilt together! You have many letters and packages coming and going! You want to have it for the Spring Equinox when your worlds come together. 

You can check out here what Aaron has to say about this game! 


We have some STRETCH GOALS!

80 USD - EDITING: Misha Panarin will be doing her magnificent work once again, correcting my mistakes and helping me with the style to make a much more immersive experience for y'all. 

180 USD - ARTVapordruid will grab her pen and start doodling amazing pieces such as this! I want to add 10 small details around the book! You can check an example of a piece of art at the end of the page! 

200 USD - Cover: I will tip Yuri for the art cover that they created for their jam. I instantly fall in love with the title and the cover, so here we are! For this, I'll add some extra money according on how the project is going.  

320 USD - Layout: I will be able to dedicate more time to do a cool layout for this, I have many ideas but dedicating time to it will just be not possible soon if I don't get paid for it! It's important to be clear on what we spend and need as creators! 

480 USD - I'll get paid for writing this game, a thing I've already done! 

550 USD - The game will reach the complete version I have in my head! I'll add a witchcraft glossary to help out with the information that you need to produce more outstanding letters and content! I'm myself a Green Witch and the game was created with that in mind! Also, I'll add extra tables to get more juicy prompts (a gossip table has been whispering in my ear lol) and also a fabrics glossary, to add more content to your patches! I want to share some cool concepts to add to your experience! 


This game is for 2 people, it's played in turns (a letter goes and a letter comes, and so on). You need a pen and paper (or whatever medium you prefer to use) and 1d20. 
Time can't be measured cause it's not played in a session. 
This game is made to be cozy and wholesome. And probably gay. 
Mentions of isolation, solitude, and death might arise. 
Food is mentioned, and alcohol might appear according to your own decision. Please put safety measures into motion. This is covered in the 



A teacup with painted flowers, very pastoral vibes


Get this cozy witches ttrpg and 63 more for $25.00 USD
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Brumal/Vernal is a two player epistolary (letter writing) game written by Armanda Haller. Its name refers to the character types inhabited by each player: one of you will be a witch of Winter, one a witch of Spring. Together, you’ll collaborate on a quilt, and in 8 to 20 letters will create your patches, catch your counterpart up on happenings in your neck of the woods, and trade recipes and magical secrets.

More important than its cozy vibes and natural themes, however, is the medium in which you play Brumal/Vernal. While you could send letters over email or one of a half dozen instant messaging platforms, to get its full impact, I firmly believe you need to play it by mail. Because at its core, this is a game about longing.