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What’s happening with these lights that flicker in a way they shouldn’t? Why has everyone on the ship disappeared? How come the robots on this space resort are acting up? Who has robbed all the credits from the wealthiest person in the Galaxy? You’re the senior ladies that will solve these problems and many more! You’re The Gang.  


A TTRPG for 2-4 players and 1 GM about space, horror, and senior ladies piecing together a mystery. Get in trouble, crochet a new scarf, go ballroom dancing, and find solutions where everyone else has failed—a game designed to be played as one-shot sessions made a reality through Crowdfundr for Zine Month 23. 

GRANDMOTHERSHIP is inspired by Honey Heist, Brindlewood Bay, and Mothership, taking some tools and vibes from all those games. I have nothing to do with those games and designers. 

CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW HERE: https://armandah.itch.io/grandmothershipbeta

What are GRANDMOTHERSHIP’s features? 

  • 32 pages-zine
  • Retro-futuristic vibes 
  • 2-stat system -GRANDMOTHER and MOTHERSHIP
  • d6 based system
  • 4 classes and 4 loadouts inspired by what Senior Ladies like to do
  • A clue-gathering and hypothesis-corroborating mechanic
  • Tips for GMs and various tables to generate a session in 5 minutes: Objectives, Conditions, NPCs, Enemies, Clues, Items, Locations
  • A fast-passed mapping system based on die rolls and tables
  • A game in which violent encounters are not central to gameplay
  • A helpful and staggering conditions table written by Andy from Pandion Games
  • 3 pre-designed adventures written by the amazing Amanda P,  Kyle Tam and Dana Pena
  • Astonishing layout by Jean Verne
  • Detailed and caring editing by Hipólita
  • Compelling art cover by Ewerton Lua
  • Art pieces by Lucas Rolim
  • Marvellous and useful character sheet designed by Sin Posadas 

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CategoryPhysical game
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TagsAtmospheric, grandmothership, grannies, Indie, Mystery, Sci-fi, Space, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

During the Crowdfundr campaign, among the pledges, some people had the kindness to pay for extra community copies (8). I'm also adding some extra according to pledges (1 every 2 pledges). 

If in need, let me know and I'll send you a key. 

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