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Xenoarcheology is a solo excavation log ttrpg. 
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A human expedition has arrived before you to this distant point in this distant Solar System, and they have found some rather conclusive evidence regarding the last life forms to ever inhabit the surface of the planet Atis. This remarkable discovery prompted the International Space Association to assign you as the lead investigator and archeologist on a new expedition, whose goal is to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance or extinction of this species. the fact that the local species have disappeared, moved on, or gone extinct. Scans indicate that Atis, located in its system’s goldilocks zone and possessing a nitrogen-oxygen heavy atmosphere, is a terraforming candidate planet to support human life, making it a priority to investigate further. There are clear signs that another sentient species with the capacity for social organization and language lived on this planet long ago

You’re the first xenoarcheologist to set foot in Atis. Your objectives are as follows: - investigate the archeological remains of this species - catalog these remains - keep them safe and in a state of preservation so they can be studied in a lab - formulate a hypothesis based on your findings - formulate a theory, if possible, about the previous inhabitants 


This game is for one person, it takes approximately an hour and a half of playing, it needs a d6, something to write down on, and a set of cards, and it has a legacy feature in case you can't get a theory on your first run. 


A GIFT TO Y'ALL:   Sam Leigh has made a wonderful commissioned playlist for the game, you can find it here 





Here you can see an actual play by Jack

Here you can see Heesan Yongdi talking about the game! 

Here's an actual play (in Spanish) of the ashcan

This is an Interview with RPGInternationale about this game and other stuff


If I get over 150 USD I will add more tables to have more options at the moment of creating the logs. Mapping rules  FUNDED ON THE FIRST DAY 250 USD: The fantastic Misha Panarin will add some flavorful hard sci-fi related to atmospheric, astronomical, and geological aspects that will affect the results of the excavation! FUNDED ON THE SECOND DAY

300 USD: The amazing Theta Chun happens to be an expert on astrobiology and they will write an intro on the subject for our delightFUNDED ON THE SECOND DAY

350 USD:  getting a "standards and guidance" document from the magnificent Andreas Puhl, who happens to be an archeologist and obviously knows much more than me about this. FUNDED ON THE THIRD DAY At this point, the game is complete. BUT it would be nice to get to 550 USD, that's the point at which by industry standards I'd get paid for writing the game.  


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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These Community Copies were donated by Andreas Puhl, he asked me to put up Community Copies equal to what I should have paid to him for his work on the game. 

This means that because of his donation, we get 100 community copies for whoever is in need. 
I decided to do a separate item so we can count them. 

Communal Excavations

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DURING ITCHFUNDING 55 COPIES WERE SOLD, each of those paid for a Community Copy. 

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Take a look at my examination of this awesome game!

You can choose to read about it on my blog here or watch it in video form here:

Thanks a lot! ❤️

Here's an interview that was made to me about the game! 

really really great stuff!


As an archaeologist I am really looking forward to this!

cool! I had an archeologist as part of the stretch goals who did a guidance and standards (mock) document for the game! 
and we're getting soon an astrobiologist intro essay to the theme. 
lmk how it goes for you whenever you play it! thanks!