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Be yourself
Know yourself

In The Creature, you explore the vicissitudes of a life that you can't understand, of being a creation of some sort that was abandoned. It's your job to learn about yourself and the world that surrounds you, as well as discover who your creator was and why you were discarded. 

The game was designed by me, and also I did the layout. 
Perplexing Ruins is responsible for the art pieces, taken from his Patreon, and I adapted those the game. You should check it out and support him!
Hipรณlita was the editor. Check out her fantastic games and approach her if you need a thorough and dedicated editor for your games!

This game is heavily inspired by Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, and The Orphan, the playbook and the threat from The Between, by Jason Cordova. 

This game goes for free for most of my Patreon's tiers.

This game is played on your own.
The game talks about existential dread, loneliness, abandonment,  death,  society mandates, loneliness, self-reflection, and human experimentation.
It takes 1-2 hours.
You need something to take notes on, a standard deck of cards without Jokers, four tracks with six segments each, six-sided dice for the optional tables, and a coin to solve yes/no questions, in case you feel like it.

Cost and finances
If I should be paid for the layout of this game, it would have been 300 USD. If I had been paid for writing this game, it would have been 285 USD.  For the editing of the game would go another 285 USD.
The art was paid for by my support to Perplexing Ruins' Patreon.  But I'd also like to give some extra money to him for the amazing art!
This is to say that making this game cost almost 1000 USD. 
I think it's important to talk about how much things cost. I value my work. I want everyone to value their work. You should do it too!


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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literally could not be more excited for this, I hope to be able to come back to it once I have the means to actually pay for it! Thanks for putting this out in the universe!

send me an email to todoseaporunbuenchiste@gmail.com and let's see what I can do for you

Can I ask how many pages this is? Thanks very much.

It has 30 pages, if I recall correctly. 

that's great thanks.

This looks so interesting! Unfortunately, finances are rather tight at present. I'll gladly leave a review for a Community Copy!


The additional star is for Frankenstein!



I'm guessing the concept was inspired by Doctor Frankenstein?


As it says there, the inspirations are Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Orphan playbook and threat from The Between, but definitely Doctor Frankenstein is not an inspiration, the direct inspiration would be what in the book is called The Monster.


bought it and immediately wrote 9 pages of existentialist sea urchin lore that features a cycle of rebirth, ecology, dead gods, and bottom feeding in the nutrient and mineral cycles

very fun and good game, can recommend


omg, this sounds so interesting! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for sharing!