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SENSORY LANDSCAPES  is a 12-word solo TTRPG based on describing what your senses feel or creating a landscape by describing sensory images. This game is submitted to the 12-word RPG jam.

This is an 8-page zine made for the Scissors and Glue TTRPG Jam 2. So everything has been done analogically. You get a scan of the only original version of the game. 

I made each of the (modest) collages one by one, they're postcard size high-quality paper, stuck to a paper to hold their form. You have instructions on how to do this with just one printed page. 


All the cyanotypes are made by myself, based on pictures I took. So that's a lot of preparation. The cost of materials is HIGH, the original pieces are printed on german cotton paper for painting with oils and treated with chemicals (liquid state) that should be handled with care and kept safe from sunlight and air. 

After treating the paper and letting it dry in a dark place, you expose the picture's negative in the size you want the print, directly on the paper with the sunlight and pass through water to take the excess chemicals, so they don't keep reacting to light. Then, the imprinted paper has to be left to dry, then pressed, and finally can be used. 


PAISAJES SENSORIALES  es un juego de rol en solitario de 12 palabras que se trata de describir con los sentidos o crear un paisaje describiendo imagenes sensoriales. Este juego está hecho para la jam En 12 Palabras.   Este zine de 8 páginas fue hecho para la Scissors and Glue TTRPG Jam 2.  Así que todo fue hecho analógicamente. Obtenés un scan de la única versión original del juego. 

Hice cada uno de los modestos collages uno a uno, son de papel de alta calidad en format postal. Y luego pegadas para mantener su format. Hay instructions sobre cómo armar el zine con solo una hoja impresa. 


Todos los cianotipos están hechos por mi, basados en fotos que yo tomé. Eso es mucha preparación. El costo de los materiales es ELEVADO, la impresión del cianotipo se realiza en papel alemán de algodón para oleos y se trata con químicos en estado líquido que deben ser tratado con cuidado y mantenidos en un lugar controlado. 

Después de tratar el papel con estos químicos, dejarlo secar en la oscuridad, se expone el negative de la foto en tamaño real sobre este papel a la luz solar. Luego se limpia bajo el agua para sacar el exceso de químicos y se vuelve a dejar secar. Así el papel impreso se lleva a prensa y después puede usarse. 

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Oh wow, this is fantastic! Angel and I both make a bunch of zines and have always loved when people make them (with crafty awesomeness), and this is a really well done one! Even on my computer screen, without printing it, I can see and feel the textures with my mind. And it has such a chill, comfy vibe to it! :D

- ✨Beth

"Abstract vignettes, each focused on a different sense. Meditative in a way, isolating body functions have always appeased me. It’s also intriguing how you can bring memories linked to specific sense without actually using it. Let it grow and spread until you have a complete scene in mind. Reading “music” and seeing this tape went all the way through my brain to form an old radio tune playing in a 60s living room."
I wrote this review in my selection of 12-word RPG where your game is featured by the way.


Thanks a lot! I have a lot of love for this game and I'm glad that people can access their inner memories to build on that. 

This has made my day. Thanks 


Gorgeously different and truly beautiful in its unique composition and techniques. 

A wonder to behold, even befofe considering the prompts and experience of the 12-Word RPG. 



omg, thanks a lot! I love this zine and I'm glad someone out there is enjoying it as well. You made me really happy with this comment 


Impressive work! Beautifully captured cyanotypes and evocative mechanics!

Thanks a lot!!!