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This is a solo journaling game about storytelling and destiny, inspired by the videogame "Where The Water Tastes Like Wine".

In it, you play as a storyteller that roams around a fantastic world telling and gathering stories to complete them, while they evolve and grow. 

The game finishes once you've gathered one story that has evolved 4 times at least. 

Meanwhile, you might get other stories evolving to different points of their history. 

This game needs a journaling device, 1d40, 1d6 and a coin. It takes around 1 hour to play. 

This game uses the Art Pack made by Stoneshore, which is under a CC license. 

Finances & Sale

I believe that's important that we start talking about the money we need to get to cover the expenses of making a game. This game cost around 120 USD to produce. 

The writing would be 78 USD (780 words, 0.1 USD per word). To that, I need to add the 30% of taxes that it's taken from every sale I make here.  The layout would be 40 USD.  Luckily, I've used art that's in CC or that I haven't had to pay.

To cope with the taxes, I need to add 30% to that, which is what I have to pay of every payout I ask for. That would 156 USD.  I've sold 1 copy before adding this, so the goal of the sale is 151 USD. 

My games are going to have this detail from now on and will be put in a small sale so people can appreciate it when I recover the time and money for this game. It might not happen ever and I'd be fine with that, but I feel that we should appreciate the effort every creator puts in their games, and for many people, that needs to be tangible somehow. 


Esto es un juego en solitario de diario sobre contar historias y sobre el destino, inspirado por el videojuego  "Where The Water Tastes Like Wine". 

En Una y Otra Vez jugás como alguien que cuenta historias y vaga por un mundo fantástico juntando cuentos y compartiéndolos para poder completarlos, mientras evolucionan, cambian y crecen. El juego se termina cuando una historia apareció 4 veces. Mientras, otras historias también pueden ir cambiando. 

Para jugarse este juego necesita un método para diario, 1d40 (digital), 1d6 y 1 moneda. Toma alrededor de una hora de juego. 

Este juego usa el Art Pack de Stoneshore, bajo CC. 


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Every sold copy adds 1 Free Story. 
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Me parece genial que te tomes un momento para explicar el costo del juego. Espero que alcances el monto que necesitas.