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Teenage Angst is a solo scrapbooking TTRPG about being a teenager with a lot of feelings, obsessed with a single song that speaks to them so intimately that they feel like it was written specifically for them.

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You choose your scenario, one of the 10 songs that were chosen for the game, you create your character - a teenager - and by scrapbooking and listening to the song from your scenario in a loop, you resolve the prompts. By the end, you'll have some pages of a scrapbook that belongs to a teenager, who might or might not remind you to yourself some years ago. 

This game started as an easy idea for the Song Title Adventure Jam and ended up being a monster that devoured my time. 

Making this project was intense. Finding fonts, finding drawings and pictures that are royalty-free for you to print and making an extra document with that material so you can get something as a base to work on the scrapbooking, making the Pinterest boards in case you want to play it on it instead of cutting stuff, the layout, the writing, the choosing of the songs, the making of the playlists. I made it all on my own and this game in my head sounded easier than it was, though it was extremely rewarding to have finished it and I can't believe I made this that it looks so awesome (to me). This game took an exorbitant amount of time and work. This is the reason it costs this much. Also, it will have always Free Scrapbooks, so anyone who wants to can play it. 

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This looks really interesting! Just from the look of the corebook it's clear a lot of time and effort was put into this!

Thanks for your kind words! It was a big effort, but worth it. 


This is a fantastic hands-on game and really lets you explore the questions and prompts in a unique way. The layout, scrap booking materials and graphics all lend itself to the theme perfectly. Many of the songs Armanda offers will unknowingly bring back a rush of memories and even the opening statements can open old hormone-filled emotions "You want to find a real love, a real connection[...]". Yeah. Ouch we've all been there and can remember feeling that!

Give this game a serious look.


How much of a role-playing game is this scrapbooking game? I'm not sure it's worthwhile to think about this question for too long: Teenage Angst gives us the role of a slightly withdrawn teenager who finds meaning in the lyrics of his favorite band's songs, a figure I can only identify with, and that's enough to make it interesting without trying to fit it into any box. The game is also (mostly?) worthwhile for its supplement with examples of things you can print/cut/paste into a notebook, a great concentrate of teen and timeless culture in a few pages.


This is wonderful, I can't wait to give it a try.