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A prophetic solo log TTRPG
This game is heavily inspired by Twin Peaks

You live in the Forest on your own. You’re used to talking to the things around you, particularly your 2d6 (one different from the other in some way) and your log. 

Something terrible began to happen last night, and your log bore witness to it. You need to listen to it and take notes. The town is small; surely you know the people involved. Who are they? What happened, and what will happen next as a result? Can you recreate the facts and report them to the police to avoid a more dreadful event transpiring? Can you save whoever is in danger?

You have a certain amount of time to gather sufficient Clues for the police to resolve this situation. Your log has all the information. You just have to put it all together in a way that makes sense. 

The game is played with a ladder table mechanic, which you can check out here. But it has some twists created by me. It also takes inspiration in the Second Guess System SRD

The cover art was made by Rook Feld!

This game is played by 1 person
You need 2d6 and something to take notes with
It takes around an hour. 
Finances & Sale

I believe that's important that we start talking about the money we need to get to cover the expenses of making a game. This game cost around 275 USD to produce. 

The cover art cost 35 USD. The writing would be 240 USD (2400 words, 0.1 USD per word). To that, I need to add the 30% of taxes that it's taken from every sale I make here. That would be 357.5 USD to be in zero.

My games are going to have this detail from now on and will be put in a small sale so people can appreciate it when I recover the time and money for this game. It might not happen ever and I'd be fine with that, but I feel that we should appreciate the effort every creator puts in their games, and for many people, that needs to be tangible somehow. 


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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LOG LADY.pdf 126 kB
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LOG LADY b&w.epub 74 kB
LOG LADY b&w.rtf 6 MB

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If you're a lucky one who's not intensely affected by life in these trying times, feel free to pay for someone else's game, in case they need it.

For every sale made here, I will add 2 Community Copies. 

Community Copies

If in need, let Margaret Lanterman, better known as the Log Lady, help you out with this cryptic advice: rate the game, download it, comment on its page, spread the word as a way of retribution for it. 

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