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The perpetual war with the androids has made everyone paranoid. Including you. Including your interrogators.

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In this game, you will play as a blue-collar worker on Asimov Landing Station, a place on the far edge of the galaxy, manned by only a skeleton crew, most of them scientists doing research. Nothing ever happens there. The atmosphere in the Station has started changing and it hasn’t escaped your notice. Furthermore, several things have gone wrong or malfunctioned in non-critical but totally avoidable ways. As the war with the androids rages across the galaxy, the government has discovered that androids have the capacity to perfectly mimic human beings. Following this dramatic announcement, things have begun to go wrong in more significant ways: research has been delayed, the station’s systems have broken down at critical moments, and people have disappeared. Station security has singled you out as a suspicious person and they’ve taken you in for questioning. As the interrogation goes on, you begin to doubt yourself - you know some androids are sleeper agents, unaware that they’re not really human until activated. Could you be one of them? The journal you’ll keep throughout this game will serve as the transcript of your interrogation.

//////// ACTUAL PLAYS ////////
Here, you can read an actual play of the game done by Cannibal Halfling Games

And here, another cool actual play by Corey Mayo, 100% MAN

This game is a love letter to Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, and Blade Runner 2049. The inspiration came from a really intense captcha wanting to know if I was a robot. Seems like I was cause I couldn't get through it. Or maybe I just have bad sight and some traffic light was too small. 


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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This is a really amazing idea (I loved the way you designed the whole document).

For me, it's truly a game to have in mind when designing my own Solo Journaling RPGs.

Hi, any chance of getting one community copy, please? This game seems like my ideal game!

Contact me through Twitter @armandah17 or through email todoseaporunbuenchiste@gmail.com and I'll send you a key

HOLA! Te envié un mail hace dos meses pero nunca tuve respuesta :(

uy colgué, perdón! 

Estuve complicada. 

Me envías de nuevo, porfa? Gracias y disculpame


I enjoyed playing this very much. Keep up the imaginative work!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3 


I just did a play of this and completely loved it. The dynamic of slowly uncovering your own nature center was fantastic. By the time I had figured out where I landed my prompt responses made the ending I got feel completely awesome and earned. Great game!

I'm so happy that you get to play it! 


This looks so sweet. I remember dialing in to BBSs in the 90s that looked just like this.