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Alone Among Trees is a solo journaling horror game about being lost in a dark forest with little chance of surviving.

The game is based on Alone Among The Stars by Takuma Okada
It was designed for the Legally Distinct Horror Jam hosted by k.w.

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"You went camping with some friends for the summer and everything was going swell until you went to relieve yourself and out of nowhere a thick fog manifested and embraced you. You’ve lost your bearings, and now you’re on your own.

You’re trying to get out of the forest and go back to your friends, but the forest opposes your goals. The fog is all-enveloping and all you can see is what is immediately around you. You can hear and smell just fine but your senses are becoming twisted and unfamiliar:  the songs of birds sound like screeches announcing your death, and the once-comforting smell of damp soil is now the smell of decay and rot. Your mind races and you cannot silence your frantic anxious thoughts, and the fear is palpable no matter how rabidly you try to rationalize everything that is happening."

The themes of this game explore fear, disgusting sensations, resignation, being lost, becoming prey, death and abandonment.
The tone of this game is desperate, gloomy and dark. There’s a small sliver of hope but you know that death stalks right around the corner and it is nipping at your heels. 

So much hope, so little chances to get out alive. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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