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This zine is made by me for the Pocket Places Jam and I'm posting this as well for the Scissors and Glue Jam, though I have used neither scissors nor glue to do it, in case I don't get my actual project for it on time. I've drawn this and to be fair, I have never before drawn anything after I finished High School, so I'm sorry for this, lol. I'M BAD AT DRAWING. Indications on how to fold this zine at the end. 

I have seen all these places. They exist, more or less. All of them are inspired by ephemeral experiences and places I pass by every day, those that go unnoticed until a small detail highlight them. This is a small sample of them. I have a huge list and I wish I could do something bigger, but I'm limited by my skills. 

It includes 6 locations in an imaginary city. On the other side, you can find a map with everything marked. 

Please, use freely, share, print, copy, add places, draw it in a better way, lol. 

PS: I've added a pic explaining roughly how to fold it

THIS ZINE SHOULDN'T BE CUT! It's made just to be folded. You have to fold it 3 times in halves. Firstly, leaving 2 a5 size. Then horizontally. Then vertically again. You should get the cover and location 6 on the back. When opened the first time, locations 2 and 3. Then, locations 4 and 5. And on the other side, just the whole city map with the places marked. 

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The magic of hidden places ... lovely! Like the folding as well. Many thanks 

awww, thanks to you! 
I'm glad you enjoyed it! 


I think I'll be sending my players out on a hunt to find these places on our distanced walks. Great atmosphere for the fall season. I also like the hand drawn simplicity! 

Thanks a lot! ❤️


A lovely simple zine where the descriptions are just evocative enough for you to imagine them, but leave enough for you to add your own touch. My favorite was the lamp with the fireflies! 

Thanks a lot! I love that one too.


I think your drawings look good, actually.



I'm set on improving

(1 edit) (+1)

I love how handmade and handdrawn this feels. It fits the vibes of the setting so well.

awww, thanks a lot! 


Waow ! Thank you for sharing this. I'm working on a low magic urban game, and your zine is sooo inspiring!


oh cool! 
thanks! let me know when you're done with your design, I love low magic and I'll be super happy to read it and play it! 

By the way I love your drawings and the expression "urban low magic" <3