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The magic of hidden places ... lovely! Like the folding as well. Many thanks 

awww, thanks to you! 
I'm glad you enjoyed it! 


I think I'll be sending my players out on a hunt to find these places on our distanced walks. Great atmosphere for the fall season. I also like the hand drawn simplicity! 

Thanks a lot! โค๏ธ


A lovely simple zine where the descriptions are just evocative enough for you to imagine them, but leave enough for you to add your own touch. My favorite was the lamp with the fireflies! 

Thanks a lot! I love that one too.


I think your drawings look good, actually.



I'm set on improving

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I love how handmade and handdrawn this feels. It fits the vibes of the setting so well.

awww, thanks a lot! 


Waow ! Thank you for sharing this. I'm working on a low magic urban game, and your zine is sooo inspiring!


oh cool! 
thanks! let me know when you're done with your design, I love low magic and I'll be super happy to read it and play it! 

By the way I love your drawings and the expression "urban low magic" <3