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(Maybe it’s because I’m new to this) It wasn’t clear when I should start writing for the solo journal. I decided I would start writing after each question in turn. After that, I rolled the die to get the prompt. But then it’s only after the roll that I realize I already answered that question (in my journal). What I rolled for contradicted with what I already wrote, I had to go back and edit my answers. (I guess I don’t really have to, but I held myself strictly to the game)

To solve this problem. I eventually decided to roll for all the other questions before I wrote. My story is became more cohesive, so no more going back to edit retroactively.

Other suggestions

  • It wasn’t clear at first sight that all questions had exactly 6 options, but I double checked by counting them. For newbies, it’s worth clarifying what you roll would correspond to the prompt you get.

  • Is this sheet made to be a fillable form? The name section has a ‘Write it here’ section but the rest of the questions don’t have anything like that. 


  • What does it says? (instead of say)
  • how does it looks? (instead of how does it look)

hey! Thanks for your comments! I'll update the game taking into account your comments. 

English is not my main language, so typos happen.



I really like how strong is the drama with so few words. Congrats for this small and powerfull game

Thanks a lot! If you haven't seen the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, and you like anime, I highly recommend it! I think I got the drama quite right lol